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Pipes and drains need maintenance every so often to ensure smooth plumbing function. Clogs and blockages occur at some point in every home or office plumbing. Gold-N-Green has the tools and equipment to ensure easy and uncomplicated solution to these unpleasant occurrences. We strive to help the customer in every way available. We can match our equipment to your plumbing needs.

Electric Snake

includes a variety of cutter sizes

4 Hours $40.00

Per Day $55.00




 Top Snake (25ft)

topsnake-1024x736fits up to 1 1/2″ pipe with maximum 45 degree bends


4 Hours $10.00

Per Day $15.00


 Toilet Snake




4 Hours $6.00

Per Day $10.00




 Hand Crank Snake (50ft)




__4 Hours $15.00

__Per Day $25.00




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