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For those large construction jobs, an excavator is always handy for waste removal. Also used for digging trenches and footing, Gold-N-Green has a wide variety of excavators to choose from that will best aid you in your construction cleanup.

Our BOBCAT Excavators 324 & E26 come  with a trailer for easy hauling and use. The BOBCAT E35I and 430 models must be delivered unless you have a rig big enough to haul it. Visit our Truck Hauling Guide for further information.

BOBCAT 324 Excavator  3500LBS

70″ digging depth

4 Hours $150.00

Per Day $200.00




 BOBCAT E26 Excavator  6500LBS

71″ digging depth

4 Hours $200.00

Per Day $250.00

 BOBCAT  E35I Excavator   8500LBS

106″ digging depth

4 Hours $210.00

Per Day $280.00



 BOBCAT 430 Excavator  8500LBS

103″ digging depth


430escavator24 Hours $210.00

Per Day $280.00

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