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Compaction Equipment

For all your outdoor compaction needs, Gold-N-Green features a wide variety of equipment to get any construction job done.
Sand, gravel, asphalt, dirt, you name it and we rent the perfect equipment to match.

All of our larger compaction equipment includes a tow behind trailer for your convenience.
Our large sheeps foot requires a Class A vehicle for pick-up or use our convenient delivery services. To view pricing, click here.

Smooth Drum Roller

(48″ width) 3-5 tons

4 Hours $110.00

Per Day $175.00


Sheeps Foot*

(85″ width)


4 Hours $233.32

Per Day $350.00


*Class A pick-up or delivery only

Mini sheeps Foot

smallsheepsfoot(38″ Width)




4 Hours $150.00

Per Day $250.00

Wacker Plate

for asphalt or gravel


4 Hours $40.00

Per Day $60.00




Jumping Jack Wacker Tamper

for dirt

  • DS70

Per Hour (4 hr min) $50.00

Per Day $70.00

Hand TamP

$10.00 PER DAY






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