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Carpet Care

The maintenance of household carpet care is never an easy fix. Whether you are trying out different spot solutions or trying to ignore those troublesome spots, sometimes it is never enough.

Gold-N-Green provides a number of carpet care tools to efficiently tackle the job in one sitting. Installing new carpet or trying to make that carpet look new, contact our representatives to find out what will best work in your carpet care situation.

Carpet Blower

ridgid blower $15.00 min. for 4hr.

$20.00 per day




Carpet Cleaner


carpet_cleaner $20.00 min. for 4hrs.

$25.00 per day





Carpet Power Stretcher


Power stretcher $20.00 min. for 4hrs.

$20.00 per day





carpet cutter

$4.00 per day




cacarpet_chisel-1024x768rpet chisel

$4.00 per day




kneekickerknee kicker

$6.00 min. for 4hrs.

$10.00 per day



carpet_ironcarpet iron

$10.00 min. for 4 hrs

$15.00 per day




steamer  wall paper steamer

$15.00 min. for 4 hrs.

$20.00 per day



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