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U-Cart Concrete has been our customer’s most convenient way to get small amounts of concrete for many years. Our batch plant can mix it wet or dry.

5 Sack Concrete Price
1 yard $130.00
3/4 yard $115.00
1/2 yard $100.00
1/4 yard $85.00
Concrete Trailer $15/hr


Concrete trailers must be cleaned of all excess concrete. A $50.00 disposal fee will be applied for concrete left in trailers.

U-Cart Hauling Requirements:
Maximum of 1 yard of concrete can be hauled at a time. Concrete must be hauled by a minimum of 1/2 ton vehicle with:
V8 engine
8,000lb hitch

If you have concerns regarding using your vehicle to haul our concrete trailers, consult our Truck Hauling Guide by clicking here.

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