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Three-LaddersGold-N-Green offers a wide variety of extension ladders for those high rise spots that seem to be just out of reach. High rise extension, step ladders, and small household ladder, our ladders will help do the trick if height is what you need.

Ladder4 Hour RateDaily Rate
Skyscraper Ladder 15'$15.00$20.00
Skyscraper Ladder 17'$15.00$20.00
6' Step Ladder$6.00$8.00
8' Step Ladder$7.00$10.00
10' Step Ladder$9.00$12.00
12' Step Ladder$10.00$15.00
12' Orchard Ladder$9.00$12.00
16' Extension Ladder$9.00$12.00
20' Extension Ladder$10.68$16.00
24' Extension Ladder$12.00$18.00
28' Extension Ladder$14.00$21.00
32' Extension Ladder$16.00$24.00
36' Extension Ladder$18.00$27.00
40' Extension Ladder$20.00$30.00
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